Building A Custom Dream Home

With A Custom Home Builder

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1Set A Budget For Your Custom Home

Determining your budget in advance is one of the key pieces to building a custom home. Although building your own home can be comparable to purchasing an existing home, typically the added costs of architects, interior designers, current code requirements, engineers, and other key vendors make it a more costly option. Be diligent when preparing your budget to make sure you account for everything you need to make your custom dream home a reality. The more planning done upfront, the more enjoyable the entire process will be - especially if you’ve already budgeted some extra for unexpected costs or upgrades!

2Consider Home Financing Options

Most people use some form of financing to build a custom home. There are financing options to consider for purchasing land, buying materials, and hiring labor. We recommend speaking to at least 3 lenders to compare options and find the best market rate. If you need a referral, we are happy to share a list of lenders with you.

3Determine Your Home Building Timeframe

One key part of planning for your dream house is the timeframe. All aspects of the process from financing and planning to building and cleanup should be accounted for. Factors like weather, your children’s school year, and family events are important to consider.

4Find The Dream Lot For Your Dream Home

The land for your home is one of the most important factors in a custom build. The size, slope, and surroundings of a lot can dramatically influence the design. Does the lot have a nice view? Why not design for a large balcony and large glass windows? Are you surrounded by a forest, next to a lake, up in the mountains? How might the style and building materials complement the natural beauty around you? Additionally, the zoning and access to utility resources are key factors to take into consideration. With decades of experience, we would love to be involved in finding a lot that fits your needs.

5Start Your Custom Home Design

Now the fun really begins! The more preparation you do up to this point, the better the experience will be. Let us help you take care of the legwork before this stage of planning so you really enjoy crafting the perfect house of your dreams! We would suggest making a list of what you need in the home and then things you would like to have. Next, you'll want to rank the features. Creating a mood board can help you to sort through all your ideas.

6Build Your Team

Depending on the scope of your build, you will need many experts to get the job done. At Wayne Anthony, we have a strong network of professional architects, interior designers, engineers, landscape designers, and sub-contractors to perfect your design.

...and finally, start building!

Our team is here to support you during every step of the process, and more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to start making your custom dream home a reality!

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