Meet The Wayne Anthony Custom Homes Team

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Daryn Strop, Owner

Raised in Southeast Missouri, Daryn came to Colorado with the US Army, living in Colorado Springs while stationed at Ft. Carson, CO. He has over 20 years of new home residential construction along the front range of Colorado from Fountain to Fort Collins, to include most of the cities in between. Daryn started his homebuilding career as an assistant superintendent for US Home and over the years worked his way up to the executive level, serving as Vice President of Construction and Operations for several national builders. With these national builders Daryn developed and implemented many processes, procedures, and project scopes that helped streamline budgets, schedules, and building techniques. His passion for the residential home construction process helps make custom home building less stressful and more manageable for clients and trades.


Melanie Strop, Owner

Born in Colorado and raised in El Paso County, Melanie was introduced to construction at a young age helping her father in his handyman business. Her real estate career started with US Home in 1999 which further led her to find her passions of real estate and new home construction. US Home paved the way to her success by introducing her to sales, construction of homes in volume, and land development. One of her biggest accomplishments at US Home was in 2002 when she helped sell and close 103 homes while achieving an overall 93% JD Powers customer service rating. In 2005, she left the corporate world and pursued her real estate career as a licensed independent Realtor. Melanie’s 20+ years of experience and education in real estate and construction has guided her to create a company with her husband that possesses integrity, transparency, a win-win goal for all parties involved, and above all a home that boasts quality and resell-ability.

So, Who Is Wayne Anthony?

Wayne Anthony is not a person, but instead is a combination of family names that are a part of who we are, where we came from, and where we plan to go. Both of us grew up with fathers that “dabbled” in construction. Daryn’s father painted homes as a side income growing up, and Melanie’s father performed handy man work and warranty services for homes as a career. Their middle names, Doyle Wayne and Angelo Anthony, were passed down to our two Sons, Gabriel Wayne and Jacob Anthony. As we were trying to determine the name of our new company, we wanted something that included our past, present, and future. We feel the combination of these two names formed together as our company name embodies that. Our hope is to build a company that both boys can someday proudly join. The passion that we possess for construction was started from our father’s and we hope that our sons continue to have the love for creating and building.